To Act Ethically

Ensure that at all times we represent the sales profession and act as a pillar to hold up the standards of ethical selling  which we communicate to our Members and Students studying for our qualifications through Seminars, Events, Papers and Qualifications.

To Operate with Integrity

Adhere to strict code to ensure our Membership commitments are faithfully executed in alignment with our legal obligations to our members and their private information.

To Be Clearly Independent

Ensure we uphold standards of excellence in our Sales & Marketing Qualifications business by being independent and setting high standards for sales talent development.

The Code of Professional Conduct (the “Code”) provides a broad set of principles for the conduct of a Member’s professional activity.

It is not intended that the rules and regulations be exhaustive and as such, the ethos of the Code is paramount in understanding its application in individual situations. The purpose of the Code is to infuse into Members of the Institute a foundation of ethical and professional conduct that they can build on, so that they achieve a high standard of professional practice, and to protect both the interests of the clients to whom services are provided and the interests of the Institute.