ISM Level 3 Awards In Ghana
Sales Qualifications

Preparing and Delivering a Sales Presentation

This unit aims to provide the necessary skills for preparing, developing and delivering sales presentations (or pitches) including considering the customer’s needs and preparing a presentation to meet those needs. Candidates should be able to give a sales presentation to suit the customer and meet pre-defined objectives. The presentation should provide opportunities for questions to be asked. The presentation is likely to be made to a single customer as a sales
pitch, but could be made to a group of customers.

Understanding Sales and Marketing in Organisations

This unit aims to provide the knowledge and understanding about the factors that can cause conflict between sales and marketing departments. It also provides an understanding of the ways in which collaboration can benefit both departments and the organisation.

Using Market Information For Sales

This unit aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to obtain and analyse information that helps to understand the markets that
are sold into.

Understanding Customer Segmentation and Profiling

This unit aims to provide the skills to handle and overcome sales objections and to negotiate in order to be able to close the sale effectively in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the customer and own organisation.

Time and territory Management for Sales people

This unit aims to provide the knowledge and skills needed to plan use of time and plan sales calls to enable you to meet your sales targets, and to develop a plan to manage sales within a sales territory.

Prospecting for New Business

This unit aims to enable the learner to source sales leads and achieve an initial appointment with the decision-maker.