ISM Level 4 Awards In Ghana
Sales Qualifications

Understanding Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning

This unit aims to provide the knowledge necessary to understand the process of breaking down the total market for a product or service into distinct segments and target the most likely purchasers of an organisation’s products using the extended marketing mix to support the positioning of the product.

Managing A Sales Team

This unit aims to provide knowledge of motivation theories and the link between motivation and performance, and knowledge of managing sales team performance. It also aims to provide knowledge for recruiting and selecting members of the sales team.

Managing Responsible Selling

This unit aims to cover the knowledge involved in managing an organisation’s operations in ways that are consistent with its social and ethical principles, and which fulfill legal and regulatory requirements. For the purposes of this unit, ‘organisation’ can mean a self-contained entity such as a private sector company, a charity or a local authority, or a significant operating unit, with a relative degree of autonomy, within a larger organisation.

Operational Sales Planning

This unit aims to provide the skills necessary for putting together an operational sales plan, and the knowledge for managing the implementation of the plan and for dealing with variances to the plan.

Finance For Sales Managers

This unit aims to introduce the knowledge and skills needed to calculate profitability and to assess customer creditworthiness with the view to formalizing the terms of trade with the customer. It also aims to provide the knowledge to set and manage a sales budget for a defined area of sales activity or the whole sales function. It involves knowing how to prepare, submit and agree a budget for a set operating period. It also involves knowing how to set bonuses for sales team members.

Analyzing The Marketing Environment

This unit aims to provide the skills necessary to monitor and evaluate trends and developments inside and outside the organisation that impact on business and sales activities. The unit covers the need to identify and prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of the organisation and the opportunities and threats it faces, and to recommend actions to address the impact on the sales function.

Sales Negotiations

This unit aims to provide the knowledge and skills for negotiating effectively in sales settings. The unit focuses on the various stages of negotiation including planning, preparing, negotiating and closing sales negotiations with customers. The unit covers establishing customer requirements and your organisational objectives, clarifying the customer’s understanding of the proposal and coming to an agreement that is mutually acceptable.