World Class in Sales Qualifications

Level 2

A symbol of leadership and charisma

World Class in Sales Qualifications

Level 3

A symbol of patience and tolerance

World Class in Sales Qualifications

Level 4

A symbol of courage and valor

World Class in Sales Qualifications

Level 5

A symbol of wisdom and creativity

Corporate Passport is recognised by the UK Government’s regulator OFQUAL as an awarding organisation to offer qualifications in Sales and Sales Management. Our qualifications combine the practice and principles of sales management to offer universal relevance, whatever sector, organisation or country you work in.

They are based on principles that set out the knowledge, skills, and behaviours expected of competent sales professionals. The programmes are designed to accommodate every potential salesperson along their career path from the earliest stages through to when they are at true exponents of their craft.

Our Sales Qualifications are:

  • Industry-led and directly related to sales roles.
  • Available as Certificates and Diplomas across Levels 2-5

Our ISM Recognised Centres are:

  • Authorised to offer ISM qualifications which are delivered via a mix of online and face to face delivery

ISM Students Have Originated from these Organisations